Latest News – 10th January 2022

Welcome to the new website for the London Midland Society.

Please take a look around using the menu buttons above.

New content is being added all the time, and news & updates will be posted on this page as they become available, so do keep checking back to keep up to date with the latest status on 4123.

7 responses to “Welcome

  1. hi guys

    great site. i assume the livery of the 4 on the front page is that you have in mind! nicely matching that also intended for 4027! crack on, guys.

      • I seem to remember spending three days in Barry, jacking 44123 sideways, to get it out of Barry.,It was all done for a bet with MLV., who ended up paying for the move, as I won! 44123 was the only engine to leave Barry sideways, after we hand shunted a Merchant Navy to make space, at the Island end of the yard. Those days were a long time ago, but not forgotten.

        Oh, and the LMS, started life as the Fowler 3f Society, when I bought 47324, with several other friends,. The LMS was started because we bought 44123, and I thought it better represented the groups aims of preserving LMS locos and rollingstock., which we had several examples of at the time.

        We were forced to move off the Mid-Hants railway, by the then head of the loco department, and itnot lost on me how much that move cost me, as a person, but that is another story.

        John Graham

  2. Re picture of 75078 taken 7th Feb. Standard 4 being driven by Derby 4 diehard! Though the seats are more comfy, it’s a big lump to do not quite as much as a good old 4F can!! Keep the faith bruvvers!

  3. Hi, I’m building in N gauge some Princess Coronation class streamlined locos and matching coaching stock for the Coronation Scot and the Midday and Royal Scot trains. Can you tell me if the crimson locos had matching lined detail on the coaches as was present when the train went to America. I have the trains in blue livery for the Coronation Scot but am unsure of the liveries for the crimson / Maroon stock. Can you help please as I want this to be correct.

  4. I am amazed. I remember seeing 44123 at Gloucester Eastgate station around 1963-4. She was in a very dirty state then. Our garden backed onto the Tuffley loop and near to the top of the incline at the double bridges footpath. Freight trains often got stuck here at night and would whistle to alert the station to send out the ‘banker’ for a push. 44123 kept me awake quite often! It is incredible to find out she is being restored. Is there a project update coming soon please? I am a long way from Bristol but hope to visit later in the year.

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