What is a 4F?

Well, put simply, a “4F” is an 0-6-0 goods steam locomotive which has its origins in the range of smaller 0-6-0 designs initiated by the Midland Railway company in the late 19th Century.

“4F” is the power classification assigned to the loco.  “4” indicates a loco of medium power (in the range 0 – 9), and “F” stands for “Freight”.  (Even though the railways commonly refer to “freight” as “goods”)

4F Section Drg_WIP_160307


If you want to know more about 4Fs, why not take a look at these excellent and informative books.

A defence of the Midland Class 4 0-6-0

A defence of the Midland/LMS Class 4 0-6-0 by Adrian Tester

LMS Loco Profiles No.10

LMS Locomotive Profile 10 – Std Class 4 Goods – By Wild Swan

LMS Loco Profiles No.10 pictorial supplement

LMS Profile 10 Pictorial Supplement 0-6-0 – By Wild Swan

Fowler Locomotives

Fowler Locomotives – A pictorial history by Brian Haresnape

LMS Loco Design and Construction









LMS Locomotive Design and Construction – A.F. Cook


Raising steam on the LMS









Raising Steam on the LMS.  The evolution of LMS Locomotive Boilers – A.F. Cook

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