About the London Midland Society

The London Midland Society (LMS) was formed in the late 1970s with the intention of rescuing and restoring from scrapyard condition, steam locomotives of the former London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company.

The LMS was successful in purchasing two locomotives from Woodham Brothers scrapyard in Barry, these being ‘Jinty’, No 7324, and of course 4F No. 4123.  Both locomotives were extracted from Barry scrapyard in the early 1980s, and taken to the then fledgling Mid Hants Railway for restoration.  After a few years, and after the intial restoration had commenced the LMS parted company with the Mid Hants Railway, and both the locos and various other items of rolling stock were moved from there to the Avon Valley Railway, which is now the home base of the LMS and 4123.

In the early 1990s, the principal shareholder in Jinty No. 7324 decided to sell his interest, and this locomotive was purchased by the East Lancashire Railway, where its restoration to working order was completed.

Also, it the late 90s, the LMS has also sold its former ‘sales vehicle’- an ex ‘Royal Scot’ coach to the LMS carriage association based at Peak Rail.  This has ensured the future of the carriage as it’s deteriorating condition demanded extensive remedial work which was outside of the LMS’s capability, and would have been a distraction to the main task of restoration of the 4F.

Since then the LMS has consolidated its collection of vehicles and equipment to those items which will support the restoration of the 4F.

Who we are:

The LMS is a small informal society in which the members hold shares in the locomotive  or own various assets outright.  There is a small but dedicated group of regular working volunteers  who share the benefit of their various types of expertise and skills on a voluntary basis.

Amongst our working members we are able to call on the knowledge of both working and retired people in various professions;

Professional Mechanical Engineers

Professional Civil Engineer

Time-served machinists,

Machine tool sales & services engineer

Production & manufacturing engineer

Aircraft production and manufacturing engineer

Construction and Engineering Project management professionals


Apprentice manufacturing engineers,

As well as such diverse professions as artists, teachers, truck drivers, paramedics and agruicultural workers.

They are supported by a small band of ‘armchair’ members who continue to maintain their interest in the project and/or contribute funding.

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